Hi, my name is Rakesh. I am part of DS-MAX SPRING, which is being constructed in Hennur; my flat number is 104. I came to know about DS-MAX through hoardings and advertisements. As I was passing by Hennur, I saw the hoardings then I came to the project site and I met the marketing executives. They were really helpful in explaining every details of the project.That’s how I bought a flat in DS-MAX SPRING and it has been a very good journey right from day one. The best part of it was I got the opportunity to build my own house the way I wanted. I explained to them and told them this is how I need and they were helpful and made all the changes.I have referred to few of my friends who were working with me earlier.In future, I will definitely refer to all my colleagues and also my family relatives. I am sure when they come for the housing ceremony they will definitely ask for the feedback and I will tell them “this is what I got from the DS-MAX”. What I would suggest to DS-MAX is they can start up with villas because they are many people who are interested to invest in villas.
                                                                                                                                                                             Rakesh G.V.
                                                                                                                                                                             DS-MAX Spring ; Flat No.104

    Hi, I am Karthikeyan. I work for Cushman & Wakefield. I bought a property in DS-MAX SPRING, flat no. 6 which is on the first floor, north facing building. I came to know about DS-MAX Properties through one of my friend. He told me that there is a good builder where I can get property at a very low cost. I have a house of my own which my dad has given me but I need to have my own so I have planned to buy one on my own. I thought I can get a small piece of land where I can invest and make something out of it.Finally, I found my place of about 1200 sq.ft. It’s like my dream home so I invested there purely for investment purpose. I like DS-MAX Spring; it has a nice entrance approach, the road is good. You have surfaced tar road up to the flat. There is enough space for children play area; at the front is the swimming pool and many other added features like gym and terrace party hall. The building has good air circulation and air ventilation. Their executives are very patient and supportive. I am planning to buy another four to five flats in future so in December I am expecting my friends to fly from abroad and on January we will meet DS-MAX Team.                                                                                                                                                           Karthikeyan.L
                                                                                                                                                                              DS-MAX Spring ; Flat No.06

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